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This is a collection of links to articles about the various DeCSS lawsuits. I have abstained from comments about the individual articles. Quality varies alot between them, but read for yourself and don't trust me too much.

Press Coverage

260027/12/1999englishDVD Industry takes 2600 to court
Slashdot27/12/1999englishDVD CCA Applies for Restraining Order
HNN28/12/1999englishDVD Industry Sues over 500 Defendants in Anti-Piracy Lawsuit
Wired28/12/1999englishDVD Hackers Hit With Lawsuit
Heise online28/12/1999germanDVD-Hack: einstweilige Verfügungen beantragt
CNN28/12/1999englishHundreds of defendants named in lawsuit over DVD hacking
Wired28/12/1999englishCase Hinges on Reverse Hack
Yahoo! News28/12/1999englishCoalition sues to bar distribution of DVD cracking tool
Futurezone / ORF30/12/1999germanDVD-Lobby hat geklagt und wurde vertagt
San Jose Mercury News28/12/1999englishCopying of DVD movies targeted
Fairfax IT28/12/1999englishSydney man named in US security crack suit
Off the Hook28/12/1999english(radio show, realaudio archive)
Boston Globe29/12/1999englishWeb sites sued for DVD piracy
ZDNet29/12/1999englishDVD industry's fallback plan: Sue!
Washington Post29/12/1999englishSuit Targets DVD-Copying Software
Segfault29/12/1999englishDVD CCA sues itself in meta-linking confusion (satire)
Slashdot29/12/1999englishJust got back from the hearing...
Mercury's ejournal29/12/1999englishFree Speech Wins One
Wired29/12/1999englishGeeks Get Their Day in Court
Wired29/12/1999englishDVD Round 1 Goes to Hackers
Slashdot29/12/1999englishDVD Hearing Victory: We Won - For Now
Canoe29/12/1999englishGroup seeks to prevent illegal copying of DVD movies
Technocrat.net29/12/1999englishCSS, Lawsuits and Giants, Oh My!
Telepolis29/12/1999germanJetzt wächst das Ding erst richtig
dvdfr29/12/1999frenchDeCSS : l'industrie du DVD traîne 72 sites au tribunal !
Industry Standard (via Yahoo)29/12/1999englishDisorder in the Court over DVD
Associated Press (via Yahoo)29/12/1999englishJudge Denies Effort in DVD Case
APB News 29/12/1999englishSuit Seeks to Get Copying Software Off Web
CNet30/12/1999englishJudge rejects group's request to block DVD program
APB News30/12/1999englishJudge Lets Video-Copying Software Stay Online
dvdfr31/12/1999frenchProcès DeCSS : une première défaite pour l'industrie du DVD
New York Times31/12/1999englishJudge Rejects Effort to Block DVD Program
Mercury Center01/01/2000englishInternet activists, business face off
Linux Weekly News02/01/2000englishDVDCA and the Big Lie
Primavista03/01/2000germanDer Geist ist aus der Flasche
Clarence03/01/2000italianDE CSS
digi.no03/01/2000norwegianTre norske nettsteder saksøkt av amerikansk DVD-organisasjon
digi.no03/01/2000norwegianDeCSS-gutta vant første runde
Linux Weekly News03/01/2000english(Finally!) A Test of Shrink-wrap Licensing
Union Tribune04/01/2000englishTrying to outlaw technology a doomed effort
Mercury Center04/01/2000englishNetizens unite against Big Business over DVDs
HNN04/01/2000englishDVD Control Association Looses First Round
Spiegel05/01/2000germanKlage wegen Link
New York Times07/01/2000englishDVD Lawsuit Questions Legality of Linking
Slashdot11/01/2000englishDVD CCA Preliminary Injunction Hearing Rescheduled
CNN (transcript) 11/01/2000englishEuropean Hackers Figure Out How to Copy DVDs
NPR (realaudio)13/01/2000englishDVD Industry Protests Copyright Bypass Software
Nettavisen13/01/2000norwegianDVD-bombe en bagatell
Spiegel14/01/2000germanOpen-Source-Bewegung wehrt sich gegen DVD-Lobby
Slashdot14/01/2000englishNew DVD Lawsuits Filed by the MPAA
Wired14/01/2000englishMovie Studios File DVD Hack Suit
ZDNet14/01/2000englishMovie studios file seperate lawsuit in DVD hacking
260015/01/2000englishMPAA files two new DVD suits
User Friendly16/01/2000englishExplaining the CSS... (cartoon)
OSOpinion(unknown)englishI want my DVD, your honor
HNN17/01/2000englishMPAA Files More Suits over DeCSS
Telepolis17/01/2000germanFilmstudios verklagen DVD-Hack-Websites
Wired18/01/2000englishDVD Judge Needs More Time
Wired18/01/2000englishDVD Hearing: Suits Meet Geeks
Wired18/01/2000englishDigital Copyright Law on Trial
Slashdot18/01/2000englishDVD CCA Part II - Waiting For The Judge
Segfault18/01/2000englishDVD Update: Help Out The CCA (satire)
HNN18/01/2000englishMPAA Files More Suits over DeCSS
CNN.com18/01/2000englishFilm studios file suit against accused DVD hackers
Heise Online19/01/2000germanMit T-Shirts für DVD-Hacker
Telepolis19/01/2000germanRichter verschiebt Entscheidung im Verfahren über DVD-Kopierschutz
Mercury Center19/01/2000englishDVD decision may come down soon
CNet19/01/2000englishHollywood studios allege DVD piracy in suit
CNN.com19/01/2000englishCivil-rights group blasts DVD suit
Slashdot20/01/2000englishMPAA Sending Out DMCA Demand Letters
Wired20/01/2000englishDVD Case: Battle of the Basics
Futurezone / ORF21/01/2000germanGerichtsurteil gegen DVD-Hack
CNet21/01/2000englishFilm industry fights DVD decryption sites
Wired21/01/2000englishDVD Hackers Take a Hit in NY
Wired21/01/2000englishSmall Win for CA DVD Hackers
HNN21/01/2000english2600.com Hit With Injunction Over DeCSS
CNN.com21/01/2000englishU.S. judge orders DVD hack off Internet sites
Telepolis22/01/2000germanBedenklicher Kreuzzug für den Ausbau des Copyrights
Washington Post22/01/2000englishDVD Code-Breakers Dealt Court Setbacks
Mercury Center22/01/2000englishJudge bars DVD copier from websites
CNet24/01/2000englishCourt blocks online publishing of DVD decryption tool
Wired24/01/2000englishMore Bad News for DVD Hackers
Slashdot24/01/2000englishJon Johansen indicted by the MPA(A)
The Register24/01/2000englishDeCSS temporarily banned from the Net
Telepolis25/01/2000englishDeCSS-Prozess wird international
VG nett25/01/2000norwegianØkokrim pågrep og siktet datageni
TV225/01/2000norwegian16-årig datageni pågrepet av Økokrim
Aftenposten25/01/2000englishPolice raid teen hacker's home
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: Introduction au dossier qui agite Hollywood
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: Deux juges donnent raison à l'industrie du DVD
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: La parole à la défense
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: La parole aux plaignants
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: Opinions d'experts
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: Une motion internationale contre les dérives du procès
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: Les "ratés" de l'affaire
dvdfr25/01/2000frenchDeCSS: Mais c'est quoi au fait le DeCSS ?
Wired25/01/2000englishTeen Hacker's Home Raided
ZDnet25/01/2000englishDVD hacker arrested in Norway
CNet25/01/2000englishTeen arrested in connection with DVD cracking tool
CNN.com25/01/2000englishNorwegian teen raided by police in DVD suit
Spiegel25/01/2000germanSieg für Hollywood
Spiegel25/01/2000englishSieben Stunden lang verhört?
CNN Norway26/01/2000norwegianDVD-kopiering foregår i Østen
Computerworld Norway26/01/2000norwegianJohansen nye Mitnick?
Segfault26/01/2000englishMPAA, RIAA Legal Teams Join in Suprise Lawsuit (satire)
HNN26/01/2000englishSupport for DeCSS Author Grows
Aftenposten26/01/2000englishTeenage hacker gets worldwide support
CNet26/01/2000englishDVD lawyers spill "secret" code
Wired26/01/2000englishDVD Lawyers Make Secret Public
Computerworld26/01/2000englishDVD dispute targets Norwegian teen-ager
VG net26/01/2000norwegianData-geni i spørretimen
Nettavisen26/01/2000norwegianØkokrim henter DVD-hjelp
The Register26/01/2000englishYoung DeCSS developer rudely arrested
Segfault26/01/2000englishMPAA, RIAA Legal Teams Join in Suprise Lawsuit (satire)
dvdfr26/01/2000frenchGarde à vue pour l'un des auteurs du DeCSS
HNN27/01/2000englishDVD Lawyers Shut Down Courthouse
32BitsOnline27/01/2000englishDVD Lawsuit Spreads Its Own 'Trade Secrets'
Linux Journal27/01/2000englishCrackers and Crackdowns
Fool.com27/01/2000englishSon of DIVX: DVD Copy Control
LinuxWorld27/01/2000englishInterview with Jon Johansen
Yahoo France27/01/2000french'Piratage' de DVD : perquisition en Norvège
ZDNet France27/01/2000french"Piratage" de DVD : perquisition en Norvège
Technocrat.net28/01/2000englishThe Media and DeCSS
Futurezone / ORF28/01/2000germanIndustrie-Anwälte publizieren DeCSS-Code
Telepolis28/01/2000germanDie rechtlichen Konsequenzen des DeCSS-Falls
Segfault28/01/2000englishTheatre-Owner Union sues MPAA: Edison, Griffith Arrested (satire)
Linux.com28/01/2000englishThe DVD Cartel
Wired28/01/2000englishDVD Case: It's a Linux Thing
LA Times30/01/2000englishIf You Can't Protect What's Yours, You Own Nothing
LinuxWorld31/01/2000englishInterview with Jon Johansen
CNN.com31/01/2000englishMeet the kid behind the DVD hack
SF Gate31/01/2000englishMovies, music industries try to keep pirated copies from spinning out of control
HNN02/02/2000englishWorldWide Protest Against MPAA Planned
CNN financial network02/02/2000englishHackers, Others Take DVD Complaint To The Streets
Telepolis02/02/2000germanWe're not their enemy - we're their customers
Village Voice02/02/2000englishFade to Black
HNN03/02/2000englishDVD Protests Continue on Schedule
Wired03/02/2000englishJudge Rags on DVD Hackers
Wired04/02/2000englishDVD Case in Open Source Forum
HNN04/02/2000englishDeCSS, Court Documents, Protests and Fund Raisers
Business 2.004/02/2000englishLearn from the Libraries
Telepolis04/02/2000germanDie Zukunft des Copyright
Linux Journal04/02/2000englishLinux and DeCSS: What the MPAA is Really After
CNN.com04/02/2000englishDVD and the digital copyright act
CNN.com04/02/2000englishHacker magazine calls for movie business protest
ZDNet04/02/2000englishLawsuits cloud open-source DVD player
The Tribune News05/02/2000englishPoly student caught in Web of trouble
Tribune Review05/02/2000englishCops stop protest before it starts
Userfriendly06/02/2000englishA recent addition... (cartoon)
HNN07/02/2000englishAnti MPAA Leafletting Campaign a Huge Success
260007/02/2000englishLeafletting Campain a Success
LA Times07/02/2000englishHackers Are the Real Victims--of Industry Greed
digitalMass07/02/2000englishHackers a no-show at protest over DVD decryption
Technocrat.net07/02/2000englishDMCA Misinterpreted in DVD Case
New York Law Journal08/02/2000englishMovie Studios Win Round in Hacker Suit
Salon Magazine09/02/2000englishCriminal code?
Linux Today11/02/2000englishAs Robert Cringely might have put it...
Flatline Systems11/02/2000englishDeCSS - Call For Action
Linux Today12/02/2000englishThe next step in copyrights?
Salon Magazine14/02/2000englishStudio technician
Infoworld14/02/2000englishR.I.P. DVD: The still-young age of digital video disks is coming to an inevitable end
AmericanPartisan19/02/2000englishUse a Program, Go to Jail
OSOpinion22/02/2000englishSo you want to pirate a DVD over the 'Net...
Salon Magazine22/02/2000englishDeCSS decoy
ZDNet27/02/2000englishHollywood's war on open source
Wired28/02/2000englishCrypto Confab Heats Up
Dinotrac02/03/2000englishJack Valenti,MPAA, DCMA &DVD:Pigs Get Fed. Will Hogs be Slaughtered? Pt. 1
Mercury Center04/03/2000englishGreed undermines benefits of digital technology
260012/03/2000englishMPAA Continues Intimidation Campaign
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