Age of Man

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The current epoch of Auseka is the one dominated by humans. After the losses of elves, dwarves and other races during the Epoch of Destruction, mankind was one of the younger races to emerge among the survivors and quickly spread. From first settlements to the Empire of Vericum, just over a thousand years have passed.

Mankind Emerging

(TODO: first human settlements, humans stop being savages and start to be among the civilized races)

The First King

This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.

The Magic Kingdom

(TODO: a time in the north ruled by strong magic)

The Suffering Years

(TODO: diseases ravaged the eastern and southern parts)

The Century of War

(TODO: a hundred years of wars everywhere)

Founding of the Empire

(TODO: end of the war with the founding of the empire and a couple peace treaties)