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Auseka is the name of the primary continent in Dragon Eye.

It is located in the northern hemisphere of its planet, its latitude and climate is roughly that of central Europe in the north and northern Africa in the south, though it does not have major deserts. Including its islands, Auseka is about 15.2 million square kilometres large.

Auseka is inhabited by several intelligent races, three of which have their own realms: Humans, dwarves and elves.


Auseka is dominated by its vast forests, which range from the coast into the highlands. Only in the south-west are grasslands more common than woods.

Countless rivers flow from the mountain ranges across the land, making almost all of it fertile and lush. This makes most of the continent inhabited and dotted with cities, towns and villages. Only the high mountains are sparsely populated, at least above ground, because the dwarves have their underground cities there.

The very south of the continent enters the tropics, and there are rain forests, especially near the coast.

A huge interior ocean, interrupted by a good dozen islands, forms the center of the land, though it has not always been there. Auseka used to be a much larger landmass, until during the Epoch of Destruction, its heart was torn out and sunk beneath the waves. When the waters rushed in, they swept entire civilizations away, of which now only legends remain.

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