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Casuvo is medium town in central Basco in Biesen with a population of about 1640.

Located within the southern highlands of Biesen, Casuvo grew into a town simply as a market for the surrounding villages. It received market rights in 179 BV, when it had a population of about 600.

Today, the town is home to a market, a few small craftsmen guilds, and due to its convenient distance to the Orc Lands southwards, a small Fighters' and an even smaller Adventurers' Guild.

A wooden wall surrounds the town, which beginning in 35 AV is slowly being built up to a stone wall. Construction is slow, however, and less than a quarter of the town wall has been upgraded thus far.

Without a river close, the town relies on several wells for fresh water, and most houses collect rainwater in addition.

Town Map

Casuvo Town Map.jpg

Blank Town Map

Here is also a town map without markings that can be used as a handout to players:

Casuvo blank Town Map.jpg