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Doros is a logging and hunting hamlet in the forests of Acebdenia, with a population of only 80 people. There are no fields except for vegetable gardens around the houses, and the natural clearing that the hamlet is located in has been cleared only enough to fit the huts of its people.

No roads or even trails lead to Doros and the people living there like it that way. They are proud and happy, though poor and simple as well. Doros is largely self-sustained, which it must be as no travelling merchants or craftsmen visit the hamlet. However, its people do on occasion travel to the surrounding villages to trade fur, leather and bones for tools and other items they cannot produce themselves. This is mostly anything made from metal as the hamlet lacks a smithy.

Despite being isolated, the people of Doros are friendly to any outsiders who might stumble upon the place.

There is an elven family of six - two men and four women - living in Doros. They are among the better hunters and enjoy their life in the hamlet. Two of them used to be low-level adventurers who decided after a few adventures that it is not for them, after all. The others used to be traders between the elven and human realms and were tired of it.