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Below is a free download for the rules books for the Dragon Eye pen&paper roleplaying game.

This is the complete game. It is not a demo version or anything. Feel free to download, read and play. All files are in PDF format and A4 paper size.

  • Core Rules (2 MB) - the main rules book
  • Magic Rules (1 MB) - rules for magic, spellcasting, rituals, etc. - 90% complete but has a few pieces still missing
  • Character Sheet (158 KB) - character sheet

Incomplete additional material:

  • Bestiary (274 KB) - very incomplete, but contains a few additional rules for monsters and a small selection of both natural and supernatural enemies.

Discord Bot for rolling dice:

  • Dice Dragon is a Python discord bot you can use if you want to play on Discord.
  • development on Dice Dragon 2 has started. This is a re-implementation in Go that will be more feature-complete.