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This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.

World Map

This Atlas is built using Semantic MediaWiki with the Widgets extension, getting mapping information from a GIS backend. The map widgets are built with Mapbox.

The map is created in QGIS using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator as procedural generator for the large-scale. A simple script adds random details to the cells to increase the visual detail and make things less blocky at higher resolutions.

Town and City Maps

Watabou's Fantasy City Generator is used as the procedural generator for the small-scale maps, then converted to GeoJSON using a script I wrote by myself. The result is imported into QGIS and Centroids are determined in order to place building labels. A small amount of cleanup work is also necessary.

Heraldry Generators used

There are many generators for heraldic shields, flags, etc - but not all of them follow the actual rules of heraldry. For a fantasy world, that is sometimes desired and sometimes not. Here are the generators that I have used: