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The Faith of Nesreyrar is a religion in central and northern Auseka. It is the largest religion on the continent, with over 12 million believers.

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There are 16 gods, but only 6 of them are spoken of. In fact, children aren't taught of the 10 evil gods until they come of age. Temples are typically dedicated to all 6 of the good gods, because only together can they stand against the majority of evil in the world. Only the largest cities or those with a special affinity to a specific god have temples specific to only one of them, and even in those temples there are always at least some small corners or alcoves for the other gods. None of the good gods is ever left entirely alone.

The Six

The Six are the good gods, friends of humans and supporting them. They are:

  • Jukon, god of justice and order
  • Kusmis, goddess of harvest, fertility and growth
  • Ola, goddess of love, beauty and art
  • Batall, god of battle, fortune and truth
  • Aditos, god of honor, mercy and peace
  • Iona, goddess of nature, animals and hope

The Six have temples and shrines dedicated to them all over Elladan lands and every child learns their names and what they stand for. They are venerated and admired.

The Ten

Note that speaking the name of one of these gods in public is a crime in many Elladan lands, and where it is not outright illegal, it is likely to incur a beating or shunning. The only ones who are allowed to utter these names are the priests, when they need to use them in a banishing ritual. These rituals are performed regularily to ward off the evil gods, even though everybody knows that a god cannot be banished by mere mortals, it is known that the rituals are effective, at least for a time. Even if a god still touches the mortal plane, his effects upon it will be diminished. Protecting the mortal world from The Ten is one of the primary duties of the priesthood.

Fortunately for both The Six and mortals, The Ten are not united. They fight amongst themselves in constantly shifting alliances as much as they fight other gods. In fact, these are the two benefits of their existence. Firstly, the conflict between good and evil and between the various shades of evil, keeps the world in motion. Secondly, their jealousy and conflictability keeps other gods out of Elladan lands and in a way protects the Elladan people from outside evils.

  • Ridarae, goddes of envy and discord
  • Ybtris, goddess of death
  • Dikotz, god of winter and hunger
  • Qomis, goddess of mistrust and trickery
  • Soto, god of pain and misery
  • Ecmera, goddess of loneliness and confusion
  • Testus, god of monsters
  • Unira, goddess of betrayl and broken promises
  • Gadros, god of diseases
  • Rerohr, god of injustice and oppression


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Rules and Traditions