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== Other Maps ==
== Geographic Map ==
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[[File:Geography map.png|center|geographic map]]
[[File:Geography map.png|thumb|left|geographic map]]

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Average Yearly Temperatures


Shown above are the average yearly temperatures in Auseka.

Areas above 21°C are tropical and warm throughout the year. In the 15°C region is a subtropical climate. The 9°C regions are the warmer temperate zone, mediteranean climate (or southern USA). The 3°C is the colder temperate zone, northern Europe or northern USA climate with warm summers and cold winters. Snowfall is common there, while it does happen in the 9°C warmer zone where some winters are cold and some are warm. There is no polar climate zone in Auseka, though many of the higher altitude regions are in the -3°C average temperature zone and are cold through the year with long and cold winters. A few of the very high mountains are frozen throughout the year with average temperaturs -9°C as below, but these places are also barren, largely above the tree line and cold due to altitude, not climate zone.



Highlands and mountain ranges of Auseka.

Geographic Map

geographic map