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Goblins are a semi-intelligent race living in small tribes in the forests all over Auseka, but more commonly in the west.

The typical goblin is slightly less than a metre tall, with sharp teeth and fingernails halfway between humanoid fingernails and claws. Like all greenskins, Goblins have two rows of teeth.

Goblin Warrior
Melee +1

Hitpoints 6
Damage d6 / 3
Armour 4

Goblin Archer
Archery 0

Hitpoints 5
Damage d8 / 4
Armour 2

Goblin Chieftain
Melee +1 / 1 HD

Hitpoints 10
Damage d12 / 3
Armour 6

While intelligent enough for a basic language and tool use, goblins are not known to manufacture anything by themselves. They do make primitive modifications to items they steal or plunder from other intelligent races, mostly in order to fit them to their size.

Goblins are vicious in groups and cowards when outnumbered. They will flee from clearly superior opponents and stalk or swarm enemies that they assess they can bring down.