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Hampa is a large island south-east of Auseka and home to the realms of Aluraba, Hampy and Mun.

The island has a sub-tropical climate except for the higher regions in the central mountains, which are more towards temperate. Most of the island is heavily forested, with wetlands around the coast that are regularily flooded. The eastern and to a smaller extent southern coasts also experience a large number of tsunamis, hurricanes and other seaborne dangers leading to devastation so often that the entire Koryo culture and Seogism religion are strongly influenced by it, and few villages and towns are built directly at the coast.

Hampa was first settled by the elves several thousand years ago, possibly shortly after the island became what it is today following The Sinking of Pandongia. Humans are known to have settled on Hampa about 1100 years ago, possibly one century before but not more than that. At first, the two races coexisted peacefully with the elves living mostly in the higher altitudes in the center of the island and the humans staying near the coast - until the younger race found out why the elves avoided the coastline and lower lands. Conflicts between refugees from flooded or destroyed human areas and the elves were short and bloody, as were those hundreds of years later when the growing human population created settlers who were looking into the elven regions for more land - and were quickly convinced otherwise.

Gnomes have been on Hampa for about 400 years for certain, possibly longer but these are the oldest records. Dwarves are very rare on Hampa, though most of the major cities have a few dozen of them.