Imperial High Road

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The Imperial High Road is a road network within the Empire of Vericum. They project was initiated by Emperor Secamur in the fifth year of his reign, and construction is ongoing to this day.

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The High Road connects many of the major cities of the realm and reaches from Aphideret in the south to Gonos in the east. A second part of the High Road connects Bukunga to Tritigesus, but is not yet linked to the main segment.

The map on this page shows the full extent of the High Road, visible as the widest road on the map.


By imperial edict, the High Road is to be made as a paved road with a stone slab surface throughout. In fact, much of it does conform to that requirement, though quality and width of the road differ. It nevertheless is the best road available in almost all the places it passes through.

In the best places, the High Road is built stone bridges, a slightly curved top so the rain runs to the sides, and a solid gravel fundament on which stone slates are placed to create a sturdy and reasonably flat road surface.


Aside from the road itself, the founding papers of the High Road project also include rules for safety and comfort.

The Road Wardens were founded as part of the project to ensure the safety of the High Road as well as patrolling for obstacles, damage and other problems.

A network of roadside inns was also set up, with incentives for prospective innkeepers. There is a roadside inn every 30 km along the High Road, except where a town or city is so close as to make it superfluous. This distance can be comfortably covered by travellers on foot or with pack animals as well as with horses and waggons thanks to the quality of the High Road.