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Elevation 946 m
Population 3000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Hill Dwarves
Dominant Religion Dwarven Ancestors
Realm Hanzatia
Province Hanzatya Region


Kafaldur is a small dwarven town in the eastern parts of Hanzatia. It is a few kilometers away from the Mwantondi river, and located within a smaller mountain. Being a traditional dwarven town, most of Kafaldur is underground, with a fluent transition between town and mine.

The entrance to Kafaldur is marked by a large Dwarf Statue showing the two brothers Beris and Rorin who according to legends founded Kafaldur almost 2000 years ago.

Outside the entrance is a trading post, a few craftsmen and living houses for most of the human population of the towns, who number about 400.

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