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The Krosin family was raised to nobility after long years of military service in 82 BV and granted the province of Basco as a fief in 16 AV after its previous rulers, the Cotrone family was wiped out during the Famine of 16 AV.

The Krosins used to be knights to the Cotrones and had their family seat in the town of Kibodo in the south of Basco and close to the Orc Lands, as defense against Orc raiders was their primary task before becoming lords of the province. The family seat is still in Kibodo to this day, though the family also has a palace in Perne, which they largely see as a retreat - Perne is within the jurisdiction of Baron Drugoro, so when residing there the family has no matters of daily administration to manage.

The current head of the family and Earl of Basco is Nigelle Krosin. He has been ruling since the death of his father, Armino Krosin in 55 AV.