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== Downloads ==
== Downloads ==
(valid until end of January 2021)

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As we are entering the next lockdowns, I have decided to release a version of Dragon Eye for free to download and play.

The game has been playtested for over a year, but it is still not entirely finished. That is the downside of this free edition, that a few edge cases in the rules are not complete and a final proof-reading has yet to be done and the entire thing is still a work in progress. Oh yes, and no artwork has been included so far, so there’s that.

However, you get a full game system to carry you and your friends through the lockdown.

The game system consists of four parts. The Core Rules book, the Magic Rules book, the character sheet and this online encyclopedia of the game world.

And if you want to support the game in any way, you can do so either by sending me feedback about the rules, which would be most appreciated, or by following the link to Patreon on the website above.

Vienna, Austria in November 2020

Tom Vogt (


(valid until end of January 2021)