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Official Name Council of Palan
Capital Wunderoro
Government Magocracy
Population 2,277,000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
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Flag Flag Palan.png

Palan is an oppressive magocracy in the south-west of Auseka. It is ruled by an elite class of mages and is one of the most aggressive users of magic, especially in warfare. Its mundane peasant population is oppressed to the point of "voluntary" human sacrifices to fuel the more powerful enchantments.

Palan has successfully resisted both Vericum's and Njombia's attempts to dispute its border, and its flying ships are the terror of battlefields everywhere in the south. Fortunately, their range is limited and they are rarely seen east of the XXX mountains.


The realm follows a strict hierarchy. An elite of very powerful mages rules the realm, with a grandmaster at the head as the formal ruler, though the Council of Twelve is the actual government. Below the Council, the High Mages form what in other realms would be the nobility, ruling over the land and acting as lords and judges.

The middle class of Palan is made up of the lesser mages, the guild leaders and other capable craftsmen, traders, the mundane scholars and philosophers, the priests and the officers of the military - each forming their own caste within Palan society.

Finally, the peasants, workers and a vast underclass of mobile workers drifting from job to job are grouped into several lower castes.