Radgety Nona

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house Radgety
born 29 AV
died 65 AV
father Radgety Gerhalt
(1 JL - 44 JL)
mother Tarkol Nakila
(? - ?)
spouse Higewa Tronson
sex female

Radgety Nona, daughter of Nakila is said to be the "power behind the throne" of Kabebia. She is married to its lord, Higewa Tronson, who is ten years younger than her. The two are rarely seen in public together, as she refuses to take up the nomadic lifestyle of northern Kabebia which its government follows by tradition. Instead, she is most often seen in the courts of either Mekezisi to the north or Makiport to the south.

As common in Kiswaili, her clan name comes first, with Nona being her personal name.