Schaperach County

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Area 3216 km2
Population 49000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Shwazen
Dominant Religion Ebronism
Realm Schap
Capital Schaperach
Ruled by Kesinki

Schaperach County is a province in southern Schap, just far enough from the war-torn border to Fonticia to be the destination of refugees from the more southern provinces. About half of it is covered in grassland, while the remainder is forested. Several rivers, all flowing into the Wachetbury, make most of the region fertile, while the climate is still mild for such a northern location.

A small Seogism minority, maybe a thousand in total, causes occasional religious unrest.

Schaperach, both the county and the city of Schaperach are rules by Lord Protector Kesinki, the religious as well as military and political leader of the province.

The province used to belong to Fonticia centuries ago, but was conquered in the war of 189-188 BV.

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Points of Interest

Wachet Castle


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