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File:Religion Seogism.jpg
the Seogism dominated areas

Seogism is a religion in the south-east, in parts of Fontica, Hampy and Mun. In total, it has about 4.4 mio. followers.

There are four gods, but only three of them are the allies of man.

(TODO: Name) is the goddess of air, responsible for all things temporary and current. Without air, man dies within minutes, and so (NAME) guides the fate of the now. Todays good fortune, luck of all kinds, success in a single act or short encounter, but also the fate of the battle and the hunt.

(TODO: Name) governs water, without which man dies within days. His domain is the long-term plans and acts, those things that last, but not forever. Health and harvest, good family and true love, the affairs of states and kings.

(TODO: Name) rules the domain of earth, the eternal and all things that belong to it.

Finally, he-whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken is the god of fire and destruction. Man can live without him, but the temptations of the power that fire brings are always present. The Lochak people understand that small, controlled fires can be useful, but large and uncontrolled fires are indiscriminate killers and destroyers. In most Lochak lands, the use of fire magic is forbidden, and the penalties are often harsh. Fires that can not be put out with a few buckets of water are avoided wherever possible. Temples often eschew fire altogether and use magical lights instead, if they can afford it.