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Religion assumed nature god of
Elven Gods dead good magic
Faith of Nesra alive evil necromancy and evil magic
Faith of Ikoyo alive good magic of men
Bascian Blasphemy alive good honor and mercy

Shotu is associated with magic in different ways among different religions.

To the elves, he is the god of all magic, while the Faith of Nesra sees in him only the dark side of magic, especially necromancy, black magic and other evil. The Faith of Ikoyo understands him as the god of magic as used be men, while his sister Itia governs the magic of the fae and other magical creatures.

The relation between Shotu and Scho Tu, the one god of the Ebronism monotheistic faith is hotly debated, with "hotly" standing for the pyre that blasphemers uttering such lies get burned on within Ebronism lands. Outside, however, many elves and human scholars agree that the Ebronism conception - and with it the entire Ebronism faith - is likely based on a misunderstanding of the god of magic.

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