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Official Name United Provinces of Sila
Capital Mysapithos
Government Federation
Population 1,590,000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
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Flag Flag Sila.png

Sila is a union of several provinces, duchies and smaller realms that were founded along the southern coast over the past millenium. During The Century of War, these realms formed an alliance to weather the storm and have stuck together ever since.

Sila has a unique government in that the individual come together twice a year to discuss matters and set policy. One meeting, in spring, is attended by the rulers of each province in person. The second one, in summer, is a conference of advisors and diplomats and discusses the details of the general policies set by the rulers.

Over the decades, this process as harmonized the provinces and their individual laws and customs, but on paper each of them retains full autonomy.