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Religion assumed nature god of
Elven Gods alive mixed pain, misery and fresh starts
Faith of Nesra alive evil pain and misery
Faith of Ikoyo alive good inner strength and will

Soto is a male god interpreted in different ways among various religions, but typically associated with the hardships in life in one way or the other.

The elves have a mixed understanding of Soto, who is responsible for both the pain and misery of life, but also its overcoming and new beginning, including new life as the ultimate fresh start.

The twin religions of the Faith of Nesra and Faith of Ikoyo see the opposite sides, one of the causes of tension between them. While Nesra counts Soto as one of the ten evil gods, and sees only his responsibility for pain and misery, Ikoyo sees only the other side and counts the strength of will, the outcome of sorrow overcome, as the domain of the god.

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