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Official Name The Empire of Vericum
Capital Aenenus
Government empire
Population 6,407,000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
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Flag Flag Vericum.png

Vericum is a mainly human empire dominating central Auseka.

While it is by far the largest and most powerful realm, it is by no means a unified entity. The empire is made up of the kingdoms and smaller realms that came together or were conquered to form it, and many of them have retained a large part of their autonomy.

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Population & Cultures

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Due to its sheer size, Vericum has a varied and complex economy that covers almost every aspect of economic activity. The empire could be self-sufficient if it was necessary, but it has extensive trade relations with most of its neighbours, especially the dwarven kingdom of Ebronland and the dwarven-human Principality of Hanzatia.

Travelling craftsmen and merchants are a common sight within the empire, in part due to tax and road toll benefits that the emporer has issued specifically in order to bring more trade to smaller villages. Many villages that do not have their own smith, cobbler, priest or healer now enjoy regular visits by such craftsmen who either travel occasionally from their regular place of commerce or are even constantly on a tour through an area. Likewise, many travelling merchants bring goods between villages and towns, usually food or raw materials in one direction and manufactured goods in the other.

The roads within Vericum are sometimes excellent and sometimes terrible. Main roads, especially, are often in good condition and parts of them are even paved with stone slabs or at least have a gravel surface, and are thus not so easily turned into mud by rain. Smaller roads, however, are sometimes little more than levelled earth and depending on season and weather can be anything between comfortable and impassable.

Many of the main roads and some of the lesser roads are patrolled by the Road Wardens, a military police unit responsible for keeping them reasonably clear of bandits and reporting on any problems along the roads. In many villages the Road Wardens also serve as local police or judges whenever they happen to pass through, as they have a generally good reputation within the empire, especially in the south.


The empire is not only the largest, but also the youngest major realm on the continent. It's founding 67 years ago marks the end of The Century of War. It took two years of diplomacy to bring old enemies together, and a frenzied week at castle Phonas when it all seemed to fall apart and the representatives of Hanzatia had already announced that while they were still good for a general peace treaty, Hanzatia would abstain from joining the empire. This caused frantic activity, and the surprise consent on Earl Secamur as the first Emperor finally nailed negotiations down. Two days and nights later, the Empire of Vericum had been officially founded.

This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.