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<!--{elseif $overlay eq "realms"}-->
<!--{elseif $overlay eq "realms"}-->
   map.setLayoutProperty('overlays-realms', 'visibility', 'visible');
   map.setLayoutProperty('overlays-realms', 'visibility', 'visible');
  map.setLayoutProperty('contours-labels', 'visibility', 'none');
  map.setLayoutProperty('contours-lines', 'visibility', 'none');

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Map Widget

New and unified map widget.


  • lon, lat, zoom - longitude, latitude and zoom for the map (defaults: 1, 30, 4)
  • width, height - dimensions of the map itself on the page, in px or % (defaults: 50%, 400px)
  • bounds - optional bounds array, replaces lon,lat,zoom
  • show, filter = show must be one of "realm", "culture", "religion" or "province" and filter must be the (short) name of the entity to highlight
  • overlay - activate color overlay, most be one of "realm", "culture, "religion" or "province"
  • info - set to show the information overlay/popup on click


  • {{#widget:Map|bounds=[[0, 25], [8, 31]]}}
  • {{#Widget:Map|lat=31|lon=-15.5|zoom=3}}