Lemuria.org: Software

All of this stuff is outdated, hasn't been updated for many years. I'm not sure why I even keep it around.

Incyte Project Manager
More than a TODO list, not a full-blown project manager, the perfect blend for small project groups, at least IMHO.

IP Tables Setup
Linux Kernel 2.4.x IP Tables Firewall Setup
This is a IPTables start/stop script (for Debian, but should be easy to port to other distributions) with a lot of options in it. It will log pretty much anything that looks unusual and should handle most tricks people play with TCP/IP.
It is not perfect, and I'm continually improving it. I also don't take credit for most of the stuff, as I've been collecting it from around the net.

Cluster Technology, Heartbeats
Heart is no longer updated, since the code has been largely integrated into the Linux-HA project. The page remains for historic purposes.

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