Welcome to Lemuria Skies. On these pages you will find high quality skyboxes, packed up and ready to use in your Unity 3D projects. On request, I can also provide all skyboxes in a forma compatible with other game engines.

Since I am doing 360° imaging anyways, and working in HDRI, it was a small step to also pack up and make available HDRI panoramas. These are great for HDR lighting in 3D rendering software, where they provide beautiful radiosity sources. There are some examples that show the stunning difference on the "why HDRI panoramas?" page.

High Quality, Ready-To-Use Skyboxes and Panoramas

Spawned as a side-project to my own hobby game development efforts, the main purpose of Lemuria Skies is to fill the niche that I myself found so frustrating:

Quality, affordable skyboxes with the "extra kick" that gives your game the little more that sets it apart.

More Than Just Clouds

The first thing you will notice about my skies is that contrary to the vast majority of skyboxes available, they contain not just clouds on a blue background, but mountains, trees and other remote landscape elements. Including remote mountains in the skybox gives the player a much greater feeling of distance and space than having the game world visually "end" just beyond the immediate surrounding.


All my skies are rendered and post-processed in HDR (32 bit) and only converted to 8 bit in the final workflow step. And that final step is done just as carefully as everything else. If you have ever done HDR conversion you know how much the conversion can make or break the final image. Some of the skyboxes contain different HDR conversions of the same original image due to the vast differences it can make, and sometimes there just is more than one beautiful way of doing it.

Ease of Use

As a hobby game developer myself, I only spend money on things that will save me considerable effort. As such, I have carefully prepared all the skyboxes so that they can be added to your game with the minimum amount of work. Buying and using a Lemuria Skies skybox should be a positive experience, and you should be happy not only about the visuals, but especially about the amount of effort you have saved yourself.


The creation of skyboxes especially is met with many choices. I have tried to make them all with the above principles in mind. For example, I could also offer 2048*2048 images in 16bit. But after some testing I decided that even at 1680*1050 (the highest resolution I have a display for, also the highest resolution commonly found in the gaming world, with about 18% of gamers using it) there is no visible difference between 1024 and 2048, and using 1024 means using a quarter of the texture memory for you. And using 8bit instead of 16bit means you don't have to downsample things for use, even if 16bit would make modifications easier. But the skyboxes are mainly for easy use, not for extensive photoshopping.

However, if I have made the wrong choice for your needs, make a request.