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Tom's Terrain Tools

Tom's Terrain Tools is an editor script that makes it a lot easier to bring realistic terrains and landscapes into Unity 3D.

The Terrain Tools take distribution maps you have created elsewhere, e.g. in Terragen, L3DT, World Machine, etc. and apply them to the terrain in Unity. They do not do actual procedural/fractal generation like FractScape or the Terrain Toolkit do. Instead, they allow you to harvest the incredible power of the tools dedicated to this purpose and bring their results into Unity.

In detail, the Terrain Tools can:

In addition, there are a few extra scripts thrown in that you may find useful, these allow you to:

You will receive full, documented source code for all scripts, so you can adapt them to your needs if you want to.

Using these tools, you can easily and quickly create lush and beautiful outdoor scenes like these these three example scenes, which are also included in the download, including their Terragen 2 source files: