AutoMagic is a revolutionary new feature in Terrain Tools 2, after version 2.1


AutoMagic allows you to create a whole terrain with a few clicks. It will create the terrain, load the heightmap, set up terrain textures, tree prefabs and grass, apply splat-, tree- and grassmaps, all automatically.


In order for AutoMagic to work, you have to create one of each heightmap, splatmap, treemap and grassmap. They must follow a simple naming convention: (arbitrary name)-(mapname).ext:

and they must all be found in the same folder in your Unity assets.

Using AutoMagic

You can also check out this video for a demo:


AutoMagic will use the settings that you make in the Terrain Tool settings, meaning you can modify the tree size and density, etc. as you are used to.
It will also add the maps you used to the proper object fields in TTT, so you can easily update or fine-tune anything, or re-apply if you made manual modifications


To get you started and as a reference point, there are a few example height-, splat-, tree- and grassmaps in the TTT package, check the AutoMagic Examples folder.