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CISCO Vulnerabilities (2 MB)
Michael Lynn's presentation
These papers show critical vulnerabilities in all CISCO routers. Michael Lynn resigned from ISS after a fallout about whether or not to hold this presentation at the Blackhat conference. CISCO threatened to sue him, they settled and his original presentation is no longer online.
lemuria.org mirrors the presentation because it isn't Full Disclosure if it disappears again.

PSIA/CIA documents
John Young of cryptome got hold of these documents about the japanese PSIA "secret service". For publishing them on his website, he was threatened by the CIA.
lemuria.org decided to mirror the pages, just in case.

Cyberpatrol Reverse-Engineering
Cyberpatrol is a "kid-control" filtering software. When Eddy L O Jansson and Matthew Skala reverse-engineered the software, and as part of that process found out how many sites it wrongfully blocks, they got into nasty trouble with Mattel - the toy company that owns Surfwatch Software, the makers of Cyberpatrol.
lemuria.org mirrors these pages to preserve the valuable information it contains.

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