Mystic Arena

Mystic Arena

This is the old/original website of Mystic Arena. It was an e-mail based roleplaying/gladiator-combat game that I wrote many years ago (1997 or so), originally for a couple of my friends to have some fun. It became popular, then famous, through word-of-mouth alone, and soon was an international game with too many players for me to cope alone. That's when other leagues were started by some experienced players.

Once a year or so I looked in total astonishment upon the web and realize that people were still playing the game. Then, one day in 2010, I found all the leagues I knew about dead and their websites gone.

So, it appeared that Mystic Arena is finally dead.

Or so I thought. It re-surfaced in 2018 and even got a Facebook page as "mysticarenapbem". Apparently, someone managed to get it running again. Amazing!

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