This is a collection of some additional rules and rules-changes that I have made. Though may copy and use these for thyselves, though not for monetary gain. (i.e. free for non-commercial, personal use - for anything involving money, contact me first.)

Alternate Sorcery System (2 MB)
Third revision of my alternate sorcery system, which aims to make magic less scientific, more colourful and flexible. It also adds several twists such as hedge-magicians, and clears up the magic system in many areas which were so far wide open to interpretation.

Solving The Riddle (711 KB)
An epic expansion that adds riddleseeking quests, hero-on-a-mission and all. This expansion also adds new abilities that can be gained when a quest is completed.

Lifepaths (246 KB)
An extended character generation system, at this stage a simple lifepath system where a character goes through childhood, education, early adulthood, etc. - future expansions planned, check back here.