Here is a collection of some small things I have made for TRoS. Though may copy and use these for thyselves, though not for monetary gain. (i.e. free for non-commercial, personal use - for anything involving money, contact me first.)

Character Sheet (699 KB)
Character sheet for TRoS, the result of my groups needs and some considerations about good layout. Includes PDF forms for a neat printout.
There is also a formless version (655 KB) for those having trouble with the forms.

Sorcerer Character Sheet (356 KB)
Character sheet to go with the Alternate Sorcery rules (see the extensions section). This contains no PDF forms (sorry, they are a horrible amount of work to add).

Armour Sheet (103 KB)
Optional part of the character sheet, for use with the detailed armour rules in TFoB. This sheet allows you to pre-calculate the final AV values for each hit location, taking into account TO, AV, material modifiers, etc. and giving space to write down damage, CP and move mods as well as practically all information you'd ever need.

Maneuver Overview (36 KB)
Quick-reference sheet for all core rule and TFoB maneuvers.

Maneuver Cards (offensive and defensive, ca. 380 KB each)
These cards print fine on A7 index cards, resulting in a pack of cards with all the combat maneuvers written down (some in abbreviated form), for easier reference during play.
Here is a preview picture.

Damage Tables
The original damage tables, with an improved layout so they fit on less pages. All types (cutting, thrusting, bashing-swings, bashing-thrusts) are now on a double-page.