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We're not their enemies, we're their customers.

Purely personal opinions about some matters. If you don't like them, have something to add (especially jokes!) or want to comment, then send me an e-mail.

Note to the movie industry:

It seems that with CSS you not only payed a lot of money for what must be the worlds most ridiculous encryption scheme, you also put yourself in danger of being sued for even more if you don't defend it.
Gosh, how you must feel tonight. You don't by chance already own that bridge in Brooklyn I was talking about?

I would also like to know what kind of mental problems it took to make you view your customers as your enemies?

About the MPAA:

Like the music industry, they're struggling to not be made obsolete by new technology. Like the music industry, it fits them well that said technology is associated with piracy (an image they themselves fostered). Like the music industry, they are blind to the fact that technology is a tool, and tools can be applied in various ways.
They served their purpose, but in the new age of the digital network, we are better off without them.

Note to lawyers and other parasites:(see footnotes)

This is not your playground, dig? We know you have the ability to involve yourself in everything, and no doubt will you turn all this into a big legal mess, no matter how little merit to the case there is. After all, you do make money, no matter how stupid it makes your clients look, right?
But this still ain't your playground. You cannot destroy information by harrassing those who distribute it. Get out your history books. It never worked in the past, who are you to assume that you'll make it happen?

You don't know what you're doing, but that is not an excuse.
On the contrary, your ignorance is what makes you evil.

Note to DVD CCA et al:

You have made the worst mistake one can make on the internet (or anywhere else, for that matter) - trying to remove the human being from the equation. And it's not the courts' job to protect you from your own stupidity.
Seems that the cluetrain hasn't yet stopped at your place, has it?

Personally, I also suspect that you're well aware of the fact that you are adding zero value to the DVD technology, but are instead a parasite designed to rip fantastic values from trivial and artifical "trade items".
Along the lines of "what if I had a dollar for every VCR sold..." - well, can't have that with VCRs, sorry. But you're doing fine trying to accomplish it with DVD players.

Other things

If you're interested in learning what else I do on the web, you can go check out the rest of my website.

about region codes:
This must be the #1 stupid idea of recent technology. You can't play a DVD just because you bought it somewhere else? How much sense does that make?
The big joke still comes. Most manufacturers of hard- or software players are well aware of the problem. Recommended solutions? None. At least, none that one can take seriously. For a good laugh, check out this one.

about lawyers:
I have a very strong opinion about this parasitic class within our culture, but I do realize that there are exceptions. I just consider them rare enough to not invalidate my general statements.
I collect lawyer-jokes whenever I feel like it. If you want some, look here.

about piracy:
I'm very opposed to professional piracy. Making a copy of your favorite audio CD for a friend is one thing (and explicitly allowed by copyright law, at least where I live) but earning a living by mass-production of pirate copies is a very different thing. And should be punished severely. I'd be happy if the DVD CCA would pour more money into fighting professional pirates, instead of wasting it harrassing private webpages.