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Religion assumed nature god of
Kiswaili Faith alive good air, all things temporary and current

Daara is the goddess of air in the Kiswaili Faith, responsible for all things temporary and current. Without air, man dies within minutes, and so Daara guides the fate of the now. Todays good fortune, luck of all kinds, success in a single act or short encounter, but also the fate of the battle and the hunt.

She has no direct equivalent in other religions, but many of her aspects are found in gods such as Aiwena (goddess of the sky to the Elves or Ola (goddess of love, beauty and art in the Faith of Nesra).

Daara is represented as a tall woman, always with open hair and a long, light dress. In pictures, her hair and dress typically fly in the wind and are of light colours - light blue, light green or white.

She can be fickle at times, but is rarely aggressive or violent.