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Dallanvog is a monastery in Basco in Biesen with a population of about 40.

Located in the hilly forests of Basco, Dallanvog is a remote, forgotten place. It is dedicated to the Faith of Nesra and more specifically to the goddesses Iona and Kusmis. The monastery is exclusively for female priests of the faith, who live in three ancient buildings near the road. They are supplied by the nearby villages and the temple in Perne, but also grow their own food and have a large flock of chickens. In fact, chickens are the only sale of the monastery, as they are famous in the entire area for the chickens they have bred over the decades, which are said to be especially fat and fertile.

Dallenvog also contains a library in which the priestesses spend a considerable part of their time, studying and copying the holy scriptures of the faith. The library is said to be well stocked and contains several rare scrolls that priests from as far away as Fonticia come to study. At any given time, there are typically between one and three foreign visitors who came to study in the library or copy out excerpts of the scrolls stored there.