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Official Name Ebronland
Capital Ezheim
Government Monarchy
Population 372,000
Dominant Race dwarf
Dominant Culture Central Mountains
Dominant religion Dwarven Ancestors
Flag Flag Ebronland.png

Ebronland is a dwarven realm in the Njorun mountain range, a land filled with high peaks and volcanoes, or by dwarven standards, rich veins and hot lava to run the forges. As such, it is the most wealthy and powerful realm of the dwarves, and its society and culture is often mistaken for dwarven in general.

It is not related to Ebronism except by a coincidental similarity of names.


Unlike human realms, Alheimia does not have provinces. Dwarves care little for who claims which part of above ground land. Mining claims, tunnels, cities and other underground constructions, however, are clearly defined and divided.

Non-dwarves are generally accepted and can become citizens of Ebronland, but can never hold a public office or a military officer rank, can not become nobles or own land.


Ebronland is a dwarven realm in population as well as politics, but also has a minority of about 15,000 humans and the largest concentration of gnomes in the world, making up almost 20% of the population.

The vast majority of dwarves live in the dwarven underground cities, but there are many smaller trading posts and just-sub-surface mines, and the human towns and villages often cluster nearby.


Ebronland is rich in metals, gems and everything else that can be dug out of the ground. It trades those wares, both as raw materials and manufactures goods, to all its neighbours and to more distant realms. "Ebron Steel", especially, is in high demand around the world for its good quality and strength.

With these exports, the realm can afford to import many other items, including food. While Underground Farming and human villages in the valleys of the mountain and the less harsh lands towards the south-west of the realm provide food to the dwarven cities, the amounts produced just barely feed the population anymore, and the dwarves have become quite accustomed to having a wide variety of exotic food available.

As a rich realm filled with metals of all kinds, prices within Ebronland are high for travellers from the outside, often twice as much as one would pay in other places, even for every-day goods. This is especially true deeper inside the realm and in the underground cities, and less so in human villages at the edge of Ebronland.

Unlike most other realms, gate tolls in Ebronland are counted not by number of legs, but by height. This practice originated in the underground cities, where excavating a passage is more work the more ceiling height you need. A standardized pole next to the gate is commonly used, and there are typically around five different heights, from children (free) to dwarven/gnomish size (1 copper) and human size (2 coppers) to horse-height (3 coppers) and anything larger (4 coppers). The largest size is sometimes jokingly referred to as "dragon size", though it is actually used for large waggons and such like.


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