From Dragon Eye Atlas

Ehlumana is an abandoned elven village in Nanalanda Territory.

The village consists of about 40 tree-houses in elven style, all of them long abandoned and in bad condition. About a quarter are so much broken and rotting that they are likely to send anyone exploring them to the ground by a suddenly appearing hole in the floor or the entire hut just collapsing.

A large central hut is in clearly better condition than the smaller living huts of the village and those with appropriate magic knowledge would spot that it was probably kept in good working order by magic which has long since faded, but ensured that it started suffering from abandonment and the elements later than other huts. This gathering hall and market place is still safe enough for an entire party to rest in.

Five stairs winding around their respective trees lead up into the village. Only two of them are still stable enough to be useable, sadly not the large one leading up to the central hall (it was not included in the enchantment). From the two outside stairs, several walkways and platforms have to be passed to reach the central hall. The journey is safe as long as no more than two adventurers step on the same walkway or platform at the same time.

Ehlumana has been abandoned in an orderly fashion. There are no signs of war or disaster. Everything of value has been taken either by the original inhabitants or plunderers (there are signs of plunder, but it did not seem very motivated, probably because not much was to be found). Pieces of intricate wooden furniture in elven style are left, much in good condition. Mostly heavy things like beds and cabinets. Very few smaller items such as bedside tables or chairs remain, as those that were in good condition have been taken by plunderers.