From Dragon Eye Atlas

Flutnes is a medium-sized village of about 320 peasants in northern Njombia, in the province of Nanalanda Territory. The village is a port on the river Dramyri and used for many traders to load wares from boat to cart or vice versa, especially for the trade route between Lahralutra and Nanalanda.

With the road towards the elven cities of Taskert and Razerka and further north into Grasalia also running through the village, Flutnes is essentially a large trade post and waystation, with few farming and instead a considerable river port and no less than three inns. Most of the local craftsmen are also specialized on boat and cart repairs, shoeing of horses and supporting travellers. There is even a small brothel.

What agriculture exists in Flutnes is also strongly influenced by Elven Agriculture. There are no fields, only a few vegetable gardens around the houses, and a mix of hunting and gathering in the forest that provides an abundance of berries, mushrooms and roots.