From Dragon Eye Atlas

Imazaza is a large village in northern Nanalanda Territory in Njombia with a population of about 500. It is located at the river Dramyri just west of the city of Lahralutra.

It is a peculiar place making the most of its location. At the edge of one province, but just outside the reach of the city authorities, the village is a haven for prostitution, gambling and criminals who prefer to avoid the city for a while.

Much of this is hidden behind a rather inviting river front, which houses warehouses, taverns and a few inns allegedly for those who could not make it to the city by nightfall, or didn't want to. Many of these are fronts for more shady entertainment. The people running the fronts and backs of all of this make up the majority of the people living in Imazaza.

A smaller but more legitimate industry is that of ship repair and maintenance, which sits at the eastern part of the harbor.