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Karfang is a small village in Schaperach County in Schap with a population of about 220.

Locate at the edge of the forest, the ovarland road connects Karfang with Efen to the south-east and Wachet Castle and further on Schaperach to the north-west. There is also a small road leading towards Hallhusen just where the fields of Karfang begin.

Karfang consists of about 40 houses, scattered losely around the village center, an old well and a small gathering place. The houses are mostly wooden, many with stone-reinforced walls. They are clearly the home of simple, rural people, of which there are about 220 living in Karfang. The tiny pub of Jonathan Horfel sits right next to the gathering place and serves drinks. On request, he will also have his wife make some snacks.

Other shops in the village are Paul Branks, the shoemaker and Peter Ruhk, who is both tailor and barber. The Klorga brothers (Rudolph and Will) know quite a bit about carpentry and help with any construction projects in the village, but they still tend mostly to their farm.

Muttchen1 Darnus is familiar with herbs and babies, and serves as the villages midwife as well as unlicensed doctor. Her beautiful daughter Maria follows in her steps and both are rumored to follow the Seogism faith.

The village priest, Rangatis Onheim presides over a small, wooden temple which is also located next to the central gathering place, and has space for about a hundred people. Several boys serve as ministrels and Alfred Horfel, son of the innkeeper, rings the bells on holy days as well as helping out with various other tasks.

Hans Malborn, a freeman, is the local administrative body, holding the rank of a Custodias. He takes care of the villages central grain store and is the only man in Karfang authorized to own a weapon, though it’s been two years since he had to use it and his fighting skills are not as good as they used to be.

Grain is the main product of Karfang, though there are also about 150 ducks and chicken as well as a dozen or so pigs. Timo Franzis is the local shephard and owns around 30 sheep. There are also individual oxens and donkeys as work animals.