From Dragon Eye Atlas

Kibodo is fortified town in southern Basco in Biesen with a population of about 850.

It is said to be the last civilized place, which is quite a bit of exaggeration. However, south of Kibodo are Orc Lands and the hardy people living within it are more suspicious, cautious and much less forgiving to anyone or anything endangering them.

Kibodo is heavily fortified for a town its size, with stone walls topped off with wooden towers, two thick gate houses and a militia of 50 men under arms and another 150 in reserve, making up almost half of the adult male population of the town.

While there is a small Fighters' Guild in the town, it has not much influence in local affairs.

Kibodo is also a common place for adventurer parties that seek their fortune in fighting the orcs to get a last few days of rest, repairs and stocking up on any essentials, and as such has a surprising amount of smiths, leatherworkers and even a magic shop that sells mostly healing potions and a few low-tier artifacts. There is also a scribe who doubles as a map-maker and sells maps of the Orc Lands that he constantly updates with any new information coming in from those travelling through.