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Memigot is a small market place and town at the Imperial High Road, just south of Phonas. It is part of Acebdenia in Vericum, the last settlement before the High Road runs into Sumegaidau County. It would be considered a village were it not for its market.

Just under 400 people live in the town, half of which are peasants of some kind while the other half works various crafts, the inn and coach station or the market. The excessively large number of people working as merchants and traders is due to the town's location right at the Imperial High Road and the large number of travellers coming through. As Phonas is 10 kilometres off the High Road, most travellers from the north pass it by and go to Memigot instead for the night. Travellers from the south also often spend the night here because there are no inns until The Broken Wand at the Kordera bridge, a distance of more than 6 kilometres that many do not attempt before nightfall.

The town has two wells, one in the courtyard of the fairly large roadside inn that sits at the west side of the market place (and right at the Imperial High Road) and one just behind the market place in a small square casually hidden from travellers that only pass through.

Unlike most small towns, the market stalls along the road and on the market square are permanent constructions, though they are still simple wood frames and fabric roofs. There are about a dozen of them at any given time, with one or two being added or demolished as business fluctuates.

There are also two general stores in the two, catering mostly to travellers and their needs.