From Dragon Eye Atlas

Perconia is nearly abandoned town in southern Efen in Schap with a population of about 400.

As Perconia is very close to the frontlines, it has been burnt three times in the last fifty years, and each time only partially been rebuilt. At its best time, about a century ago, it had four times as many inhabitants as today. Entire parts of the town are empty now, filled with the remains of burnt or broken-down houses, and slowly being reclaimed by nature.

The remaining people do hang on, however. The market of Perconia is open once a week, and the local government does its best to run the town as well as possible. Taxes are collected, three taverns are open nightly and the local temple has recently finished renovation.

Perconia has changed hands half a dozen times in living memory, and the peasants have developed a stoic attitude towards conquest. For most of them, little changes when a new flag is raised on the defense tower that once served as a keep when Perconia was a village, or over the gates. A different person will come to collect taxes, and a different army will eat their food, most other things stay the same. Even the Schap clergy rarely enforces Ebronism strictly and focusses on military efforts in this area.