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Phia is small market village in Ala in Fonticia with a population of about 240.

The village lies at the northern shore of the Giuci river, which flows into the Wikwarton a few kilometres downstream from Phia. It also lies on the trade road between the towns of Malonga to the west and Heiseigo and Methiumnos to the east and south. As such, the village has quite a bit of travellers coming through, and even has a weekly local market.

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Places of Interest

  1. The market inn, with a bar room and four guest rooms
  2. (tbd)
  3. village smithy, mostly doing repairs and tools
  4. a small general store, run by an elderly couple
  5. (tbd)
  6. (tbd)
  7. the water mill
  8. (tbd)
  9. fishermen Alo
  10. (tbd)
  11. (tbd)
  12. (tbd)
  13. lumberjack and carpenter
  14. graveyard
  15. the old tower, long since ruined