From Dragon Eye Atlas

Trogs are human-like or might even be distant relatives to humans. They live largely underground or in caves, have a pale, greyish skin and longer arms and legs than humans do, with smaller heads, but otherwise share much with humans. They are semi-intelligent, with a primitive language of grunts and gestures that a few human and dwarven scholars claim to understand or speak. Elves and gnomes consider Trogs to be evil, nasty savages, barely above animals. Some humans and dwarves share that view, but especially dwarves often see them as a primitive species that can be bothersome, but isn't evil.

Trogs can often be found in abandoned dwarven mines or towns. They are intelligent enough to make use of tools left behind, though they do not seem to be able to craft their own beyond sticks and stones. In battle it can be clearly seen that they are not simply animals, as they will work together and employ some tactics and strategy.

Trogs live together in tribes, with the females guarding and taking care of the youth while the men hunt, gather and fight among themselves for mating rights.

Trogs have claw-like fingernails that they use in battle, but when available they use sticks, stones or weapons they found. They very rarely wear any clothes or armour, though some of the smarter leaders do understand the value of armour and might put on fitting pieces they found.

Typical Trog
Melee +1
Weapon unarmed
Weapon Type light
Hitpoints 10
Damage d4 / 4
Armour 1

Trog Warrior
Melee +3
Weapon large club
Hitpoints 14
Damage d6 / 4
Armour 2

Trog Leader
Melee +4 / 1 HD
Weapon mace or 2hd club
Weapon Type heavy
Hitpoints 16
Damage d8 / 3
Armour 6