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Religion assumed nature god of
Kiswaili Faith alive good water, things that last

Umis governs water in the Kiswaili Faith, without which man dies within days. His domain is the long-term plans and acts, those things that last, but not forever. Health and harvest, good family and true love, the affairs of states and kings.

He has no direct equivalent in other religions, but many of her aspects are found in gods such as Jukon (god of order and creation to the Elves, Lagwami (god of the sea in Seogism) or Kusmis (goddess of harvest, fertility and growth in the Faith of Nesra).

Umis is represented as a muscular man with wild hair and dark clothes. He is often depicted with tools or weapons in his hand. He is not a light god, rarely laughs or jokes, but is more deep and heavy in attitude, though often positively so. His goals are good, but his strength is under the surface.