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== Summary ==
== Summary ==
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=== Wiki ===
* {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles in this Wiki
* {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles in this Wiki
* [[Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes]]
* [[Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes]]
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=== Map Data ===
* Provinces: 568
* Towns & Cities: 451
* Villages: 2,114
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Map Data

  • Provinces: 568
  • Towns & Cities: 451
  • Villages: 2,114

Month Article Count
2019/09 63
2019/10 96
2019/11 144
2019/12 155
2020/01 191
2020/02 571

Many articles still need work.

2020/01 - Filling in Gaps

2019/12 - Content Additions and Tutorial

  • a video tutorial explaining the map-making process is being published, the create your own world page links to the videos.
  • More content is being added, with descriptions of provinces, towns and villages being added as well as those later being put on the map together with fields, smaller roads and many more details.
  • Slow month due to end of the year (which is a busy time in my business) and christmas/skiing holiday.

2019/11 - UI Improvements

  • Realm, city/town and villages names on most maps are now clickable and will lead to their respective wiki pages, making the map interactive!
  • Added interactive maps to the list of realms and cultures.
  • Added list of provinces to realm pages (for those where provinces have been defined).
  • Rivers updated to Azgaar's generator v1.2 - types and names added.

2019/10 - Details Added

  • Beginning to add town detail maps. Phonas is the first fully developed town, with Sumegaidau being developed.
  • Also added flags to all the realms (except the elven ones, because elves don't use flags).
  • Added the first Points of Interest.
  • Added country roads (around Mea, Sumegaidau County and others).
  • Added the first Noble Houses and noteworthy people.
  • Reworked the overlays and many behind-the-scenes details on the wiki.
  • Changed wiki fonts and a few visuals.

2019/09 - Initial Content

Also bringing the first content into the wiki, including the races as well as the basic structure of realms, cultures, religions and other details.

2019/09 - Basic Technology

Figured out how to export map data from Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, wrote the code to do it and added it to the generator with a successful pull request.

Mostly figured out how to do the same with Watabou's Medieval Fantasy City Generator, but this time using his SVG export directly without changes to the upstream code.

Imported everything into QGIS and started working on it. It's still a far cry from the sheer beauty of Azgaar's Generator, but I'm getting there. Here are some screenshots from my current status:

Thanks to Mapbox, I've managed to integrate my map into the wiki and styled it more or less beautifully (I'm not an artist). For the integration, the Mediawiki extension Widgets proved the most useful, much more so than the various dedicated maps extensions, which make it so much more difficult to use your own map source.

Time Parameter

Little known is that GIS also supports temporal extents, so data can be located in time as well as space - something that can be so interesting for historic maps and "scrolling through time".