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Area 1 km2
Population 38700
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
Dominant Religion Faith of Ikoyo
Realm Vericum
Capital Volgen
Ruled by Eugen Luca

Mea is a province in Vericum. Its capital and only town is Volgen. It has a total population of 38700 distributed among Volgen and roughly a hundred villages as well as dozens of farmsteads.

The area around Volgen is forest and grasslands, with the eastern forests being especially dense and humid due to the river Kordera flowing through. The road, in fact, has been built around the densest parts of the forest as cutting through would have been too cumbersome.

The main road runs east-west through Mea, crossing the Kordera river twice, once east of Volgen via ferry and once right at the Volgen town gate with a stone bridge. Further to the west, it crosses over the Gleyre river by means of another bridge.

Villages dot the province which is fertile and densely populated. Most of the larger villages are located in the grasslands along the north-south axis, where fields and meadows dominate the landscape. There are also many small villages into the east or west forests where woodcutters and charburners make a living. Dozens of trails and small roads connect these villages to each other and the main road. Some of the more remote places, however, can only be reached by finding your own way through the forest.

Points of Interest

Ruined Inn, The Hooded Man


 Settlement typePopulationRuled by
Volgencity8,430Eugen Luca