Faith of Ikoyo

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The Faith of Ikoyo is a polytheistic religion in central and southern Auseka. It is the second largest religion on the continent, with almost 6 million believers.

The faith has a curious relationship to the Faith of Nesreyrar. Both are based on largely the same ancient mythology, but their founders and first prophets revealed very different truths from those seeds. This has led to at times peaceful coexistence, when the similarities between the two religions were dominant, and at time bitter conflicts when the differences were more pronounced.

For the past century about, relations have been peaceful, but affected by a deep distrust and intense verbal conflicts. In fact, in the last thirty years alone, scholars from both sides have produced texts and proclamations proving the other faith as a disfigured, wrong version, in volume easily dwarfing the actual amount of holy texts on both sides.

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Rules and Traditions