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In the world of Dragon Eye, the gods are real and do answer to prayers. Their powers are felt in everyday life.

Things are not quite so simple, however, ever since the ancient Gods Wars, long before present day, the gods have been largely absent from the world. Those of the gods that remain have kept to themselves, speaking through prophets and acting through miracles. They still answer to the prayers of the faithful, but not always. Whether this was by choice, by a kind of divine treaty, or because they no longer can do so is hotly (though cautiously for not angering any gods) discussed among those interested in arcane topics.

In fact, one of the main differences between the various religions of the world is the question just which of the gods are still with us and which have perished.

Some religions even believe that all of the gods are no longer there, and divine interventions are the result of lesser beings’ activities. These two core questions form the backbone of every religion in the world of Dragon Eye in the present day. And they shape the religions and the relations between men and divine beings. As some religions believe that the good gods finally prevailed and were just weakened so much by their struggle that they had to retreat to recover for a thousand years, others are convinced that the evil gods won and men should hide and draw no attention to himself.

With the gods not speaking up in person, disputes among the religions are unsettled, and sometimes flare up into open conflict and war.

So in summary, religions differ by which gods they believe are still active and by which type of beings - gods, demigods or spirits - should be addressed by mortals and their needs and desires.

Bascian Blasphemy83,000evilQomisEcmeraAditos
Dwarven Ancestors
Ebronism1,490,000Scho Tu
Elven GodsgoodAiwenaMelawinEnaoGalenilFarothDragaNauraenPethaMiruvaPoladinGurthBatallJukonKusmisSotoQomisUniraShotu
Faith of Ikoyo6,126,000good
Faith of Nesra12,747,000mixedJukonKusmisOlaBatallAditosRidaraeQomisSotoEcmeraTestusUniraGadrosRerohrIonaGurthShotu
Kiswaili Faith5,030,000DaaraUmisKimdarHe-whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken
Koryo Beliefs132,000
Mahuman Hereticalsuncaring and cruel

A word about religions:

None of the religions in this game are meant to represent any specific real-world religions. Various aspects are inspired by the real world, which is why you might find similarities, but none of them are intended to be a commentary on religions in the real world.

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